Getting there

Nainital is easily accessible by both rail and road. About 7 hours from the city of Delhi, you can either drive or take the Train till Kathgodam Railway Station, followed by a short mountain drive. The train and bus schedule is mentioned below for your convinience.

Ranikhet Express
Old Delhi Railway Station (7 days a week)
Departure – 10:35 PM Arrival at Kathgodam – 5:45 AM
Kathgodam Express
Anand Vihar (Wed / Fri / Sun)
Departure – 6:15 AM Arrival at Kathgodam – 11:50 AM
Bagh Express
Howrah (Kolkata)
(7 days a week)
Departure – 9:45 A.M Arrival at Kathgodam – 9:30 P.M
Buses till Haldwani / Kathgodam are availble every two-three hours from Anand Vihar Bus Station, New Delhi.
From New Delhi, take the NH-24, by-passing Moradabad, and head for Ramnagar. From Ramnagar, the route via Kaladungi passes through Bazpur and Swar. An alternative route goes via Haldwani and passes through Bilaspur and Rudrpaur.

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